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Many travelers seek for info’s on the most beautiful places around Salerno and want to know which of them are closer to the hotel, what are the main attractions and what route to follow, above all when they don’t have much time at their hand.

This guide is a selection of the most fascinating destinations, all at a short distance from Salerno, to make your holiday worth a memory!


Location To Visit


Sorrento is a town on the cost of the Sorrento Peninsula, it is located in front of the Bay of Naples, in the south-western part of Italy.
It was built on the cliff that separates it from its crowded port; Sorrento is famous for its panoramic view of the sea and Piazza Tasso, crowede with cafes.
The historic center has lots of narrow streets where the church of San Francesco is located,a 14th century building with a quite cloister.



Paestum is the latine name for Paistom, name with which Lucanian conquerors called it.
It is an ancient city of Magna Grecia.
The founders called it Poseidonia in honor of Poseidon, but the city was very devoted to Hera and Athena


Positano is a village on the Amalfi coast, in southern Italy. It is a very popular touristic destination with pebble beaches and narrow and steep streets full
of shops and cafes. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta has a majolica dome and a Byzantine icon of the 13th century Virgin Mary.
Positano is connected to other cities on the coast through the so called “Sentiero degli Dei” meaning “Gods pathway”.


Ravello is a touristic resort located 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea on the Amalfi coast, in Italy, and it is known for its extraordinary gardens on the cliffs.
Villa Rufolo, in Moorish style and dating back to the 13th century, offers wide views from the terraced gardens and hosts both indoor and outdoor concerts during the famous summer Ravello Festival.
Villa Cimbrone, a medieval-style perched on a steep hill estate , is surrounded by another famous garden.


Caserta is an Italian town of 75 811 inhabitants, the capital of the homonymous province in Campania.
The Campanian city is mostly known for its imposing Bourbon Palace, called the Versailles of Italy.


Amalfi is a city in a breathless natural environment under the steep cliffs on the south-west coast of Italy.
Between the ninth and eleventh centuries, it was the seat of a powerful maritime republic. In the heart of the city you can find the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, from the Arab-Norman era which is characterized by a striped Byzantine facade.
The Arsenal Museum of Amalfi is a medieval construction site, now used as an exhibition space.


Pompei is a city in Campania. It is mostly known for the ancient city buried in 79 AD. by the eruption of Vesuvius.
The ruins include the Villa dei Misteri with frescoes and the Roman amphitheater. In the city, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary has mosaics and a large dome.


The city of Naples, in southern Italy, stands in the heart of the homonymous bay next to Vesuvius,
the still active volcano known for having destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Dating back to the second millennium BC, Naples has centuries of history of art and architecture behind it and its cathedral, the Cathedral of San Gennaro, is full of frescoes.
The most interesting historical sites are the sumptuous Palazzo Reale and the Maschio Angioino, a 13th century building.
The Vesuvian Museum G.B. Alfano exhibits volcanic rocks and prints of historical eruptions.

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